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PETEKA™ as a workout

Today's modern life styles present a lot of factors that can prevent or inhibit having real physical activity as part of your regular routine. Between the lacking time, lack of appropriate space and lack of motivation to take on the chore that is working out. PETEKA™ workout offers a fun and enjoyable option to get you started and help develop your skills for other athletic activities too!

PETEKA™ workout is fun, and great for you! Use PETEKA™ workout to stay fit, have fun and meet new people!

PETEKA™ is a medium to high intensity workout (developing the cardio respiratory and cardio circulatory system). Playing PETEKA™ strengthens and exercises many major muscles and joints in our body, such as your chest, upper and lower back, shoulders, abdominals, buttocks and legs. It uses your body weight as strength training.

PETEKA™ workout develops strength, endurance and muscle balance for any kind of activity. PETEKA™ workout is a great warm-up for any activity, and fun too!

Some benefits of PETEKA™ workout include:

  • Bilateral Coordination (you play with right and left hands individually)
  • Equilibrium
  • Attention and Concentration
  • Agility
  • Dexterity
  • Socialization (a good way of making new friends)
  • Strategy formation
  • Temporal space (awareness of space and time)
  • Excellent psychological exhaust to reduce tensions
  • Refine reflexes

What makes PETEKA™ workout special:

  • Development of muscle balance
  • No physical contact between players
  • Provides a balanced workout for all your muscle groups
  • A wide variety of movements
  • Can be played anywhere
  • Great rehabilitation exercise and training
  • Excellent for development of your non-dominant side