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How To Play

PETEKA™ leisure game:

PETEKA™ leisure game is all about fun! There are no rules. It can be played however you want. The idea is to keep the PETEKA™ leisure shuttlecock up in the air as long as you can between you and your friends. PETEKA™ leisure game is ideal for people of all ages and skill levels.

Play anywhere, anytime! Play at the beach, the park, at home. PETEKA™ leisure game is great fun and great for you.

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PETEKA™ official game:

PETEKA™ offical game is very similar to badminton or volleyball. Played as singles or as doubles teams on official sized courts, with regulation nets and PETEKA™ shuttlecocks.

The general rules of an official match are as follows:

  • There is no volleying between partners or “setting up” shots
  • The match consists of 3 sets. The victorious team or player is that which gains 2 sets
  • A set is played to 12 points or 20 minutes
  • A point can only be won by the serving team
  • The serving team or player has 30 seconds to serve
  • Court side switched at the 6th point or 10 minutes match
  • The 3rd tie breaking set there is no advantage serving, play moves to rally point. The point is won even by the non serving player or team. The set is played to 12 points and 2 points difference (if the score reaches 12x11 the sets ends in one of the following possibilities: 13x11, 14x12, 15x13,16x14…)
The PETEKA™ Court

Standard doubles court is 15 x 7.5 metres.

Standard Singles court is 15 x 5.5 metres.

The court must be delineated by 5 or 7 cm width lines. These are considered part of the court.

For official games the court's floor must have a regular, flat surface.

Peteca can be played on wood, cement, clay, grass or sand courts.

Official Peteca Court Size
The Net

The net has a dimension of 7.8 m length by 0.6 m width and the mesh squares must measure approximately 4x4 cm, with 5 cm width finishing border on the top.

The net must be installed at a uniform height of 2.43 meters for the men's game and 2.24 meters for women and kids.

Official Peteca Net Size
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